Day 55 – 62 and 63 – 69

Wow, busy weeks. As you can see, it´s a two weeks recap. Gotta lotta work, so there´s the first fail. Less work doesn´t work. Except days 66-69. I had to stay at home because I got the flu. Totally suckz. Gonna go back to work tomorrow. Don´t wanna stay at home longer. Less Make Up worked from day 66-69 *lol* Less Cargos also, cuz I stayed in bed. And no I don’t sleep in my cargos 😉 The regularly Work Out also works. Could be better and more, but I keep on tryin. Romantic Movies… uhm, I didn´t watch any Action Movies 🙂 I keep readin this funny SEALs book. Yes it´s funny. In a different way, but I like it. If you like the SEALs, or have a special kind of humour, you should get that book. You won’t regret it 🙂

That Girlie thing. I’m still not sure if I wanna be a girlie. How do you define GIRLIE??? I’m not between 13 and 23 years old (thank god) And I don’t wear candy colours,skirts and heels. I’m not a girlie. I’m a woman. Okay, I prefer jeans instead of skirts. And sneakers instead of heels. But do I have to wear skirts and heels to be a woman??? Do I need loooong hair to be a woman? Whatz wrong with those peepz??? I like heels. But can’t walk in them. So I stay with my sneakers and don’t break my legs 🙂

If there’s anybody out there who can explain that girlie thing to me, feel free to tell me and I promise I listen 🙂

See you next week!!!