Bromance Tuesday ***Warning***

I just thought it was about time for some Dress Blues Steve 😉 Uhm, I mean, it’s time for some McDanno. #ImALiar 🙂



Don’t tell me there was no warning…

Vote for your March FAVES!!!

The month is almost over. So it’s time to vote! Hurry up! You know how it works. You can vote as often as you like and choose multiple pics in each category. Make your fave post the fave post of the month!!! By the end of the year will be a voting for your fave of 2014!!!


Bromance Tuesday





Team Thursday


FOY Friday


SEALs Saturday


Sunday Smile


Thank You for taking the time to vote!!!! xoxo

SEALs Saturday ***Special Edition***

Okay, this one should maybe come with a warning.

So, before you sit down and take a look, make sure you put some pillows on the floor. I don’t want you to get hurt. 😉

You’re sittin comfortable?? You got your pillows??? Alright, here we go.




Don’t say that there wasn’t a warning!!!!

VOTE For Your Fave January SEALs Saturday

To be honest, it’s my fave post. You know me, so you know why it’s my fave post 🙂

Vote multiple times, so often if you like, but you know, just ONE week!!!!









SEALs Saturday

The second SEALs Saturday. Yay!!! And guess where we are 😉 Yes, right, we’re in Season 1