Day 91 – 125

OMG! Five weeks!!! Okay, let’s start again. OMcG! (Hawaii) 5 (0) weeks *lol* I’m just kidding 😉

The five weeks were really busy. No, just 4 weeks. Because there was 1 week HOLIDAY!!!! Yeah, finally. I needed this week soooo much. Because I was not only busy with work, I was totally stressed with work. That’s the reason I’m soo late with that recap. I’m really sorry for this. I hope my apology is not just noted. I really hope that my apology is accepted.

I’m gonna start with my NYRs Checklist:

  • more time with the people I love
  • less make up
  • more romantic movies
  • less Cargos
  • more work-out → changed to regularly on Day 4
  • less work
  • more girlie
  • less action movies

The first point: I spend 3 days with the very special person I love the most. I really enjoyed the time. I wish we had more than just 3 days. But we didn’t see each other for 8 months!! Thanks Bay!!!!

All the other points are negative 😦 Or 50/50 Nothing changed. The weather sucks most of the time, so I didn’t start running. And because of sooo much work, I didn’t have the motivation for regularly work-out. I know… It’s not an excuse 😉  Less Cargos…. this will never ever happen *rotfl* More girlie… I’m still not the girlie girl. But my new Chucks are darkblue-pink, so there’s a little girlie thing 😉

The movie thing… Bought 2 DVDs: Killers and Tears of the Sun. Anyone knows those movies??? OMG… Killers is such a boring movie. Ok, I don’t like Ashton Kutcher that much. Katherine Heigl is kinda cute. But this movie sucks. Tears of the Sun…. haven’t watched it yet. Same with Oyster Farmer. I need more time!!!!

Oh, and I made my parents watch Moonlight and Hawaii 5-0. *rotfl* Mum totally loves Moonlight. Dad’s scared. He still says it’s a Horror Show. He prefers H50. Mum don’t like H50 that much. She doesn’t like guns. She prefers Vampires. Alright. But she thinks the carguments are funny.  Whatever. I still love Mum & Dad. 🙂

The less Make Up thing still works. Why??? Take a look at my last recap 😉  Day 70-76, 77-83, 84-90 

I hope you had a little fun while reading this recap. The next one will be up soon. I promise!!!

Take Care!!!