FOY Friday

Okay Ladies, I know we had that white pants discussion… While I’m trying to find my love for the white pants, you’ll might share my love for the cargos 😉 And of course my big love: Season One ♥


Sunday Smile #McDanno

In case you’re missing the Sunday Smiles… It’s back 🙂

Just enjoy and feel free to leave your comments 🙂



♥ Mahalo Nui Loa ♥


Ladies, thank you soo much for all the birthday wishes. And pictures. Thank You!!!

I’m a bad blogger, because my weekly posts aren’t weekly. I’m really sorry! Maybe I’m able to do more stuff next year. Or different stuff. No more FOY Fridays, no more Sunday Smiles. I don’t know. But don’t think so. You’ll gonna miss the Fridays, right? 😉

I thought about a Bromance Day. And a BAMF Day. And a Sexy Day. An Eyes/Lashes Day. The third one would be the most easiest 🙂 I thought about a “My Fave Moment of Episode..” post. I don’t know, I just don’t know… So many ideas…

But let’s start with this. Because of some reasons.

> It’s Season One. Where it all began… *sigh*

> The Boots. BOOTS!!! TAN BOOTS!!!

> Cargo Pants. I really really REALLY miss the Cargo Pants.