FOY Friday

Alooohaaa Ladies!!!

It’s Friday! Or FOYday. No, it’s FOY Friday. 🙂 Oooh, and it’s the last Friday this month. You know what this means?? It’s time to take a closer look at all the posts. Because there will be a vote 😉



FOY Friday

Some of us already have weekend, some of us are looking forward to weekend. But I guess everyone is excited about Friday because of one reason… 😉



Team Thursday

Seems like this gonna be a Season One week 😉 It’s not one of my fave moments. Because, why always Chin?? Any way, it’s Team Thursday and here’s the pic 😉


Bromance Tuesday ***BAMF Edition***

Welcome back to Season One. Where it all began. It’s one of my fave moments. If you have a fave moment, feel free to tell me, because I’m running out of ideas sometimes 😉


Your January Faves!!!

Mahalo for your voting!!!

Let’s take a look at your fave pics in each category

Bromance Tuesday

It’s pic #2  40%1401

Team Thursday

Pic #3  47%


FOY Friday

Your Number one choice is #1  43%


SEALs Saturday

I thought this would be Number 1 🙂 You choose #3 with 44%


Sunday Smile

The last category, #4 made it with 37%


Thank You sooo much! I hope you like the voting, it’s gonna be continued…