A whole week…

I’m really sorry that there wasn’t a post. RL is superbusy. Someone who missed me???

I try to give you all the post you normally get…


Let’s start with the Bromance Tuesday….




…now the Team Thursday…



…FOY Friday…



…SEALs Saturday

Welcome to the Jungle (or woods, or forest or whatever…)



And finally, the Sunday Smile!!!



One more time… I’m really sorry that there wasn’t a post this week…

Don’t forget to vote for your June Faves!!! 

SEALs Saturday

Wow, it’s the last SEALs Saturday post. I just recognized that we’re damn close to July!!! And I haven’t prepared any calendar yet!!! *shocked* OMG! So, I guess there’s no calendar next month…

But there will be a voting 🙂


Right now, it’s SEALs Saturday. And we’ve got our fave SEAL all dressed up 🙂




PS Sorry for the late post today! It’s my day off today and I wanted to do lots of things. Like preparing the voting, maybe editing calendars, trying to find the right pic for the Sunday Smile… But, I woke up with headache which turned into migraine 😦 I’m so sorry ladies! The last weeks I was too busy with work (no day off, double shifts and so on) and watching some World Cup, that I didn’t had enough time for my blog… This makes me sad…

SEALs Saturday

Survival Training with Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday!




SEALs Saturday

Welcome to the Blue Room!!!



Your May Faves


Mahalo for taking the time to vote!!! It’s time to present the results.


Bromance Tuesday

I’m not sure if anyone recognized Danny in this picture… 38% of you love Steve in a suit…

Steve, Suit, Sexy

Steve, Suit, Sexy



Team Thursday

42% of you love the Ohana Moments…

Ohana Moment

Ohana Moment



FOY Friday

WOW, that’s really close!!! 23% of think McG should wear more Blue Jeans… I thought you love the tan pants…

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans



SEALs Saturday

Another really close result. 29% wanna join our fave SEAL doing his Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities



Sunday Smile

Hard choice!! 29% of you wanna have a beer with Steve. Cheers!!!





I hope you’re looking forward to the end of the month…