SEALs Saturday

Damn, what a busy week!!! No, I didn’t forget the SEALs Saturday post.

You see, here it is 🙂


Desert Storm Steve or, like I use to say S&T !!!! *plop*



SEALs Saturday

I guess it’s the episode with the most used pics in this category… But, to be honest, it’s one of the best episodes!!!


Your January Faves!!!

Mahalo for your voting!!!

Let’s take a look at your fave pics in each category

Bromance Tuesday

It’s pic #2  40%1401

Team Thursday

Pic #3  47%


FOY Friday

Your Number one choice is #1  43%


SEALs Saturday

I thought this would be Number 1 🙂 You choose #3 with 44%


Sunday Smile

The last category, #4 made it with 37%


Thank You sooo much! I hope you like the voting, it’s gonna be continued…

Calendar JUNE

I’m not that creative… I’m sure you know *lol* But you might know, that I like to try something new. So here we go: a calendar!!

june1.1 june2.1 june3.1 june4.1

Don’t forget to check out H50BAMF !!!! There are many more Calendars for the month of June #AlexOLoughlin

Just because…

… I LOVE those pics. 🙂





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