Bromance Tuesday

Let’s go back to Season 3….

Ladies, it’s Tuesday, ok?!?! 😉



SEALs Saturday

Damn, what a busy week!!! No, I didn’t forget the SEALs Saturday post.

You see, here it is 🙂


Desert Storm Steve or, like I use to say S&T !!!! *plop*



FOY Friday

It’s FOY Friday. No further words.



Team Thursday

This is not a typical Team post. It’s more an Ohana Feeling. I’m not sure if you gonna like it or not. I wanted to do it. For reasons. And one of the reasons is, that I hadn’t found a Team pic that I really want. So, like it or not. 😉



Sunday Smile

*sigh* It’s Sunday again. So it’s time for a smile, again. Yes, I see a smile. Or is it just me who wanna see a smile??? Or is it me smiling while listening to that conversation???