Team Thursday

It’s Thursday. Team Thursday. I had the idea for that pic a long time. But today it felt like the right time for that picture.

Yes, Season 3.

Yes, Episode 20.

And yes, for reasons.



SEALs Saturday

I’m sorry. But it’s one of my fave episodes. We don’t have any action here. It’s about honor and respect.




If you don’t know the movie Act Of Valor, watch it!! If you know the movie, you might remember this poem

Bromance Tuesday

I guess it’s time for another “Bromance”



I’m not sure if you like it or not…

SEALs Saturday

It’s Saturday. SEALs Saturday. And I’m not in Season One 😉 It’s Season Three time 🙂 Episode 20. If I could, I would post the whole episode *lol* I hope you like my collage with a few of so many gorgeous pics.