Bromance Tuesday



Sunday Smile

Aloha June!!!!

I’m late, sorry!!! After a really really busy week of work, I slept most of the day. I hope my apology is accepted…




Calendar June


It’s summertime!!!


June’s coming!!

If you need a calendar, take a look at Alex O’Loughlin Journal 


McPerv World

And don’t forget to check out Alex O’Loughlin World Wide for some more great calendars!!!!

Of course, I “created” *cough* some calendars, too 😉 CLICK!

*** Special *** McG Faces !!! *** @MostlyFive0 ***

I’ve said it before…

I’m working on a special post.

And here it is.

Dedicated to Sam 🙂

McG Faces

I hope you like it!!!

Bromance Tuesday

We’re back in Season 2. No special reasons 😉




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