Super-Special-Birthday-VIP :)

It’s a special day. A very special day. Okay, call me crazy. I don’t care 😉

It’s my sweet little babygirls, my little puppygirls birthday today!!!!

I guess she’s not a little puppy any longer *lol* But she’ll always be my little baby!!!


Happy 1st Birthday!!!



Team Thursday

This is not a typical Team post. It’s more an Ohana Feeling. I’m not sure if you gonna like it or not. I wanted to do it. For reasons. And one of the reasons is, that I hadn’t found a Team pic that I really want. So, like it or not. 😉



Team Thursday

It’s Thursday. Team Thursday. I had the idea for that pic a long time. But today it felt like the right time for that picture.

Yes, Season 3.

Yes, Episode 20.

And yes, for reasons.



Team Thursday

Welcome May!!!

It’s the first post in May and we start with a scene we (might) never see again 😦 I’m still unhappy about MB leaving the show. But let’s enjoy the fun moments!! Moments called Ohana!!!!!



Vote for your APRIL Faves!!!

Okay Ladies, April is almost over so it’s your turn to vote YOUR favourite pic in each category. I thought about changing the settings for the voting because of a conversation about voting multiple times. Let me explain why I won’t change the settings. If you wanna vote for more than one pic, do it! If you wanna vote more than one time, do it. If you only wanna vote one time for one pic, hey, it’s fine. Do it 🙂 But when the voting is closed, I NEED a Number 1 in each category!!! Because by the end of the year, when it’s time to vote your fave 2014 pics, I wanna have 12 pics of each category.

Don’t be mad at me! xoxo

Let’s check out what April gave us 😉


Bromance Tuesday

Team Thursday

FOY Friday

SEALs Saturday

Sunday Smile