Vote for your APRIL Faves!!!

Okay Ladies, April is almost over so it’s your turn to vote YOUR favourite pic in each category. I thought about changing the settings for the voting because of a conversation about voting multiple times. Let me explain why I won’t change the settings. If you wanna vote for more than one pic, do it! If you wanna vote more than one time, do it. If you only wanna vote one time for one pic, hey, it’s fine. Do it 🙂 But when the voting is closed, I NEED a Number 1 in each category!!! Because by the end of the year, when it’s time to vote your fave 2014 pics, I wanna have 12 pics of each category.

Don’t be mad at me! xoxo

Let’s check out what April gave us 😉


Bromance Tuesday

Team Thursday

FOY Friday

SEALs Saturday

Sunday Smile

Bromance Tuesday

Aloha Ladies!

It’s Tuesday and so it’s time for some Bromance. We had some Danno posts. We had Chin. And we had Grover. I guess you know who’s coming now 😉

In my opinion, they have a special friendship. I’m not sure if it’s really a friendship. But I think so. So, hello Max 🙂


Team Thursday

The first Team Thursday in February. It’s more an Ohana Thursday. I could have chosen a pic from the last Episode, but no, I’m in Season 3 🙂


The H 5-0 Alphabet

I think I am OFFICIALLY crazy!!!! *lol*

Everyone knows the Phonetic Alphabet, but I turned the phonetic alphabet into the Hawaii 5-0 Alphabet 😉

The H 5-0 Alphabet

Need Details???