Happy Birthday!!!

Hau’oli La Hanau ESS sweetheart!!!


Have a great day!! With lots of fun and love!!!

I don’t know what I could write… Because I think I said everything last year 🙂

I can only add this: Mahalo for being the person you are!!! Always honest, nice and lovely


I’m sending lots of hugs and kisses to you


Here’s your present 🙂

Happy Birthday ESS

You like the cake, don’t you 😉


Your January Faves!!!

Mahalo for your voting!!!

Let’s take a look at your fave pics in each category

Bromance Tuesday

It’s pic #2  40%1401

Team Thursday

Pic #3  47%


FOY Friday

Your Number one choice is #1  43%


SEALs Saturday

I thought this would be Number 1 🙂 You choose #3 with 44%


Sunday Smile

The last category, #4 made it with 37%


Thank You sooo much! I hope you like the voting, it’s gonna be continued…

♥ Mahalo Nui Loa ♥


Ladies, thank you soo much for all the birthday wishes. And pictures. Thank You!!!

I’m a bad blogger, because my weekly posts aren’t weekly. I’m really sorry! Maybe I’m able to do more stuff next year. Or different stuff. No more FOY Fridays, no more Sunday Smiles. I don’t know. But don’t think so. You’ll gonna miss the Fridays, right? 😉

I thought about a Bromance Day. And a BAMF Day. And a Sexy Day. An Eyes/Lashes Day. The third one would be the most easiest 🙂 I thought about a “My Fave Moment of Episode..” post. I don’t know, I just don’t know… So many ideas…

But let’s start with this. Because of some reasons.

> It’s Season One. Where it all began… *sigh*

> The Boots. BOOTS!!! TAN BOOTS!!!

> Cargo Pants. I really really REALLY miss the Cargo Pants.



I’m back!!!! :)


Yes, I’m still alive!! *lol* Just some really superbusy weeks…or months??? Anyway, now I’m here. I’m back. But I’m not alone 😉 My Baby’s with me 🙂



I know, that my apology is accepted 😉



Yes, I know, she’s cute. Supercute. And she’s growing soooo fast.

Right now, she’s 5 months old.

After all those busy weeks I’ll try to continue my weekly posts. For all those who missed my Friday and Sunday posts… My monthly recap will have to wait. I guess it’s gonna be a 2013 recap. *lol*

And there will be a Calendar post this month!!!!

Mahalo to all the peepz that still read my blog and keep me updated on Twitter 🙂 Love you!!



Addicted to H5-0 when…

…you become “addicted” to some things. 😉

There are many reasons that let you know that you watch too much Hawaii 5-0. But I think those  reasons are the main reasons!!!


In my case, at first I didn´t know much about Hawaii. Just few things: far away, hot, surfer, pineapple. *lol*  But now, no I´m not a Hawaii expert, but I try to 🙂

I read some (means lot of) guides, bought Hawaiian dictionaries, watched many documentations. Learning the hawaiian language isn´t that easy. But ALOHA and MAHALO are in my daily use 😉  I tried to cook Loco Moco. And I liked it 🙂 Same with Puka Dog. Anyone tried it???


Honestly, I didn´t heard bout the SEALs before H50!!!

But (thx to google,wikipedia,youtube etc) now, I try to learn as much as I can about those Heroes!! And that´s exactly what they are. When you see those documentations, those trainings, when you read about the SEALs, watch Interviews, you see that they are a kind of Superheroes!!

If someone had told me 3 years ago “You have to watch this movie (Act Of Valor or G.I. Jane)”  I had replied: “No thanks, I´m not interested in this kind of movies. I don´t wanna watch war/combat movies.”  Now, I´m looking forward to Zero Dark Thirty.

Some SEALs sayings are always in my mind.

There Is no “I” in T E A M

Ready To Lead, Ready To Follow, Never Quit

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

And yeah, I got a SEALs flag. And a Shirt. And a Trident…

Everyday Life

I tried to get Pale Ale or Longboard. Negative 😦

But I found that Yellow Tail wine 🙂

I searched through my closet, and yes!!! Guess what I found? My Cargos!!! So Goodbye Jeans, Hallo Cargos 🙂 And I´d found my (kinda) combat boots: Hallo, long time ago ( 15 years, just like the cargos) but I still love you 😀

My new car has a hawaiian name. Kalino. YES my car has a name!

And yes, I bought The Notebook. Didn´t watched it yet.  I also realized, that got 2 movies, and just didn´t know who´s Alex O´Loughlin or Scott Caan!! I´m talking about Into The Blue and The Back Up Plan. So there was a time for a re-watch. I watched Criminal Minds. Ok, just that one episode, because of a post from H50BAMF Tumblr. Usually I don´t watch stuff like that. But her post made me wanna watch The Big Wheel!!! Thank You ESS!!! I don´t regret watching it!!! But please don´t make me watch Feed!!! 🙂 And because of a post from Junk Kicker’s #H50 Junk Drawer I had watched it again!!! Thanks SJ2!!! I don´t regret watching it again 😀

If you know more reasons that shows you´re addicted to H50,  let me know