I’m back!!!! :)


Yes, I’m still alive!! *lol* Just some really superbusy weeks…or months??? Anyway, now I’m here. I’m back. But I’m not alone 😉 My Baby’s with me 🙂



I know, that my apology is accepted 😉



Yes, I know, she’s cute. Supercute. And she’s growing soooo fast.

Right now, she’s 5 months old.

After all those busy weeks I’ll try to continue my weekly posts. For all those who missed my Friday and Sunday posts… My monthly recap will have to wait. I guess it’s gonna be a 2013 recap. *lol*

And there will be a Calendar post this month!!!!

Mahalo to all the peepz that still read my blog and keep me updated on Twitter 🙂 Love you!!