FOY Friday


Still no new H50 episodes, but time for FOY Friday 😉

Back in Season 2. Back to the green shirt!!! *happy dance*



FOY Friday


Green Shirt? Check!

Tan Cargos? Check!

Tan Boots? Check!

Badge? Check!

FOY? Check!!


Do I see a smile???? Check?!?!

Just because… #TeamGreenShirt and #TeamTanCargos

Okay, it wasn’t really a request… 🙂

But this one is for ESS (and me) and of course all the other members of Team Green Shirt and/or Team Tan Cargos!!!

I couldn’t find something like “dedicated to green shirt and tan cargos” anywhere…

And this need to be somewhere.

For reasons.


I don’t know why the shirt looks blue…but we all know it’s NOT blue *happy dance* 

FOY Friday

I guess, this one makes some of you happy 😉


  • green shirt
  • tan cargos
  • the table
  • some blood
  • the badge


Sunday Smile 2013

Just a few days and this year is over. No need to be sad, we got some things that made us smile. Like those Sunday Smiles!!!!



I know, it’s not creative, because I did the FOYtastic collage 🙂 But I hope you like it, too.

Have a great Sunday!!!