Bromance Tuesday

Ok, to be honest, it could be a Team Thursday. But I decided it’s a Bromance Tuesday pic. 😉



FOY Friday

Another Friday without a new episode… But TGIFF!! It’s the first FOY Friday in June!!!

Some of you like those white pants, some don’t. Few people *cough* miss the tan cargos *cough* I still prefer the tan cargos!! Why the hell am I typing so many words, because you don’t read them, yes, I know you!! You keep staring at the pic!!! 😉



Bromance Tuesday

Let’s start the Bromance May with McGrover. Please don’t ask me why I choose this pic. Because I don’t know. Maybe because of that blue blanket… Yeah, seriously… 😉


FOY Friday

Damn!!! No Five-0 this week 😦 But, TGIFF!! No Five-0 doesn’t mean no FOY Friday.

Here we go



SEALs Saturday

Welcome to McGs Bootcamp!

Part Two.

How to use different weapons.