I’m really SORRY!!!!!

Alright, I didn’t want this to happen… I thought I could fix it somehow. But it seems like that I’m not able to make all the July posts. RL is superbusy. You all know that I wanted to make that Your Fave 2014 post. It won’t happen, because there won’t be a FAVE JULY post. I’m sad. I don’t have enough time to look for pics, edit them and make all the posts 😦



SEALs Saturday

Wow, it’s the last SEALs Saturday post. I just recognized that we’re damn close to July!!! And I haven’t prepared any calendar yet!!! *shocked* OMG! So, I guess there’s no calendar next month…

But there will be a voting 🙂


Right now, it’s SEALs Saturday. And we’ve got our fave SEAL all dressed up 🙂




PS Sorry for the late post today! It’s my day off today and I wanted to do lots of things. Like preparing the voting, maybe editing calendars, trying to find the right pic for the Sunday Smile… But, I woke up with headache which turned into migraine 😦 I’m so sorry ladies! The last weeks I was too busy with work (no day off, double shifts and so on) and watching some World Cup, that I didn’t had enough time for my blog… This makes me sad…