Just because… #TeamGreenShirt and #TeamTanCargos

Okay, it wasn’t really a request… 🙂

But this one is for ESS (and me) and of course all the other members of Team Green Shirt and/or Team Tan Cargos!!!

I couldn’t find something like “dedicated to green shirt and tan cargos” anywhere…

And this need to be somewhere.

For reasons.


I don’t know why the shirt looks blue…but we all know it’s NOT blue *happy dance* 

November Calendar

I’m so sorry, that there weren’t calendars the last 2 months… But here we go 🙂














Happy Birthday!!! Hau’oli La Hanau :)

Hau’oli La Hanau ESS!!!

I’m kinda late, but I’m late with lots of stuff during the last weeks… But now I’m here to wish   a special person a special Happy Birthday 🙂

I hope you’re having a great day. Enjoy it Babe 😉 ♥

Dear Reader, I can’t say that I know ESS that long, because it’s just a few months. But I can honestly say that I love her. No, not that way. In a different way. You know what I mean??? No? Well, that might be your problem 😉 If you know ESS, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t know her… You miss a lot of fun. 😉

ESS, I wanna say Mahalo Nui Loa. For what? Uhm, for meeting you, for you being you, for listening/reading, for your awesome blog, for the great pic choice, for your recaps that make me laugh or cry, for making me watch Moonlight and Three Rivers. And Criminal Minds. No, still no FEED *blush*

I would like to write more and more and more… Because you are awesome!!!

This is my little birthday surprise for you. I hope you like the pics…


Spend Some Time With Vincent (Before the Wheel)

Criminal Minds. Never watched it before. Maybe never watch an episode again. I only watch The Big Wheel. Because ESS made me watch it. Just because of her post. After watching this episode few times, I found this:

Spend Some Time With Vincent (Before the Wheel).

And this awesome work of art made me think about the episode again.. And I watched it again. I still can´t find the right words. All I can say is, Alex O’Loughlin is a damn good actor. And Steph, I love your StickFigures!!!