Bromance Tuesday

It’s time for a classic scene! I guess everyone remember that scene and I guess there’s no one out there who don’t like it. Anyway, there’s a really cute lady somewhere out there in Twitterverse who loves that scene 🙂


FOY Friday

Looks like a Season 3 week *lol* And if there’s no one out there who likes that pic, well, no problem, I like it. For some reasons 🙂 But maybe there’s someone who likes it too. For other reasons. Or the same reasons. Ok, gonna stop talking, here’s the pic:


My little girl finally got a name!!! #CutenessOverload #H50

Yes, finally 🙂

Mahalo for all your votes. And all the names!! xoxo

Her name is: Ohana

And she’ll be the reason why I’ll be superbusy the next weeks.

Apology accepted???


Looks like she loves my cargos, right? 😉

I try to keep you updated about Ohana, if you’re interested in being updated 😉