FOY Friday

Looks like a Season 3 week *lol* And if there’s no one out there who likes that pic, well, no problem, I like it. For some reasons 🙂 But maybe there’s someone who likes it too. For other reasons. Or the same reasons. Ok, gonna stop talking, here’s the pic:


FOY Friday

Alright Ladies, it’s the last FOY Friday this year. No need to be sad. I think I’m gonna continue this Friday thing 🙂

It’s cold outside, so here’s something that might warm you up a little bit…

You might remember this one…


I thought about a “Vote for your fave FOY Friday” post… But I guess, there’d be NO fave *lol*

And so you get THIS: (don’t forget to click for Full Size 😉 )


I hope I didn’t forget a pic…

Mahalo for all your likes and comments! xoxo

FOY Friday

Alooohaaaa Ladys!!!


No new H50 this week?!?!

But a (not) new pic 🙂


Sorry…. I know I’m late…

Alright Ladies, I know that I’m late…

I hope my aplogy is accepted, because I’ve been (and still am) busy because of my “Baby”


Now you get FOY Friday AND the Sunday Smile 🙂