FOY Friday

I’m sooo sorry ladies!

World Cup AND work…

But here it is.

Better late than never!!



Bromance Tuesday

Oh damn!!! It’s Tuesday!!! And I totally forgot the post!!!! I’m really sorry!!! And the two guys doesn’t look that happy…. *puppyeyes*



FOY Friday

TGIF!!! TGIFF!!! 😉

Did you really wait the whole week?? I mean, really??? 😉

Ok, here it is.



FOY Friday

No Five-0 today… But no need to be sad. We still have FOY Friday!!! 🙂



FOY Friday

It’s Five-0 Friday! Season Finale Friday. Oh, and of course, it’s FOY Friday.

And because I don’t love all the blue shirts, and I don’t wanna edit all the FF pics into black and white, you get this one 🙂