Addicted to H5-0 when…

…you become “addicted” to some things. 😉

There are many reasons that let you know that you watch too much Hawaii 5-0. But I think those  reasons are the main reasons!!!


In my case, at first I didn´t know much about Hawaii. Just few things: far away, hot, surfer, pineapple. *lol*  But now, no I´m not a Hawaii expert, but I try to 🙂

I read some (means lot of) guides, bought Hawaiian dictionaries, watched many documentations. Learning the hawaiian language isn´t that easy. But ALOHA and MAHALO are in my daily use 😉  I tried to cook Loco Moco. And I liked it 🙂 Same with Puka Dog. Anyone tried it???


Honestly, I didn´t heard bout the SEALs before H50!!!

But (thx to google,wikipedia,youtube etc) now, I try to learn as much as I can about those Heroes!! And that´s exactly what they are. When you see those documentations, those trainings, when you read about the SEALs, watch Interviews, you see that they are a kind of Superheroes!!

If someone had told me 3 years ago “You have to watch this movie (Act Of Valor or G.I. Jane)”  I had replied: “No thanks, I´m not interested in this kind of movies. I don´t wanna watch war/combat movies.”  Now, I´m looking forward to Zero Dark Thirty.

Some SEALs sayings are always in my mind.

There Is no “I” in T E A M

Ready To Lead, Ready To Follow, Never Quit

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

And yeah, I got a SEALs flag. And a Shirt. And a Trident…

Everyday Life

I tried to get Pale Ale or Longboard. Negative 😦

But I found that Yellow Tail wine 🙂

I searched through my closet, and yes!!! Guess what I found? My Cargos!!! So Goodbye Jeans, Hallo Cargos 🙂 And I´d found my (kinda) combat boots: Hallo, long time ago ( 15 years, just like the cargos) but I still love you 😀

My new car has a hawaiian name. Kalino. YES my car has a name!

And yes, I bought The Notebook. Didn´t watched it yet.  I also realized, that got 2 movies, and just didn´t know who´s Alex O´Loughlin or Scott Caan!! I´m talking about Into The Blue and The Back Up Plan. So there was a time for a re-watch. I watched Criminal Minds. Ok, just that one episode, because of a post from H50BAMF Tumblr. Usually I don´t watch stuff like that. But her post made me wanna watch The Big Wheel!!! Thank You ESS!!! I don´t regret watching it!!! But please don´t make me watch Feed!!! 🙂 And because of a post from Junk Kicker’s #H50 Junk Drawer I had watched it again!!! Thanks SJ2!!! I don´t regret watching it again 😀

If you know more reasons that shows you´re addicted to H50,  let me know

The H 5-0 Alphabet

I think I am OFFICIALLY crazy!!!! *lol*

Everyone knows the Phonetic Alphabet, but I turned the phonetic alphabet into the Hawaii 5-0 Alphabet 😉

The H 5-0 Alphabet

Need Details???