Act Of Valor

I don´t wanna tell the storyline. There are so many trailers everywhere. I didn´t watch the movie because I like movies like that, I watched it, because I´m really interested in SEALs. I can´t find the right words to explain it.
Ok, there are lots of bullets in this movie. But there´s a story!!!
The movie catched me. That´s the reason why it´s on my ALL TIME FAVORITE List.

Act Of Valor made me laugh, cry and thinking about several things.

This is the Poem by Tecumseh

Act Of Valor

2 thoughts on “Act Of Valor

  1. I was looking for that poem. I truly love it. Thanks for putting it up here. The movie was really good, especially considering that the guys were no actors.
    Did you see Lone Survivor?


    • No, I didn’t see Lone Survivor. But Tears of Sun, Zero Dark Thirty, Codename Geronimo. You know them??

      You see, sometimes it’s worth to take a look at other things 😉



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