S3 Quotes

La O Na Makuahine

Doris’ house Japan.

Doris: I know you have a lot of Questions Steve.
Steve: Yeah why don’t we start with ‘Shelbourne’
Doris: ‘Shelbourne’ was the code name The Agency gave me.
Steve: I’m sorry….The Agency what Agency.
Doris: Before I met your Father I worked for an intelligence program that reported directly to the pentagon.
Steve: You were a spy?
Doris: Yes!!
Steve: So all those years I thought you were a school teacher that was jus….
Doris: It was a cover.
Steve: And urm were me & Mary just a cover too?
Doris: ‘Shelbourne’ was way before you & Mary.
Steve: How did you meet WoFats father?
Doris: He was an assignment.
Steve: So you were ordered to kill him?
Doris: It was a little more complicated than that.
Steve: Well we’ve got some time so why don’t you uncomplicate it.
Doris: Like you I served my country…but after I got married I left The Agency because I wanted to be a mother, unfortunately I could change my name but not my past.
Steve: That’s why you pretended to be dead?
Doris: When I made that choice I knew that my life would never be the same I knew that I would have to give up the only thing that meant anything to me my family.
Steve: So why’d you do it Doris? If that’s even your real name.
Doris: It’s the name I was born with & the name I went back to the day I met your Father & since when does a Son call his Mother by her first name?
Steve: Since you failed to be one 20 years ago.
Doris: I didn’t see any other options Steve WoFat was looking for the person who Murdered his Father & he was willing to kill anyone who stood in his way.
Steve: So you FAKED your own death?
Doris: Yeah I did what I had to do to protect my family.
Steve: You know Dad sent us away thinking he had to protect us, then he spent the next 20 years looking for you killer all that was for nothing.
Doris: If I told him the truth WoFat would have executed him.
Steve: WoFat executed him anyway.
Doris: You & Mary god knows you deserve better I..I just didn’t know what else to do Steve..Never once did I spend a day not thinking about you.
Steve: Is that supposed to make me feel better?
Doris: It’s that truth!
Steve: What am I supposed to do with that truth? huh I just forgive you know is that it we move on.
Doris: No! I just…I just like you to understand I’d like you to just try to understand.
Steve: Pack a bag.
Doris: Pack..what do you mean where are we going?
Steve: We’re going home.
Doris: It’s not safe I can’t.
Steve: WoFat can’t hurt you he’s being transferred to a super max facility on the main land today by the time we land on Oahu he’s out of our lives forever.
Danny: On the phone you said you were bringing ‘Shelbourne’ back.
Steve: Yeah this is ‘Shelbourne’
Doris: You can call me Mom someone should.
Danny: Mom! Who’s Mom?
Steve: That would be mine.
Doris: Doris McGarrett.
Danny: Danny Williams..you know for a woman who died in a car bomb 20 years ago you are remarkably well put together.
Doris: Thank you I’ll take that as a complement.
Steve: Sorry to interrupt here Danno I appreciate the home coming but whats with the police presence you didn’t have to go to all this trouble.
Danny: This is not for you it’s for ‘Shelbourne’
Doris: Why me?
Danny: WoFat escaped!
Steve: When?
Danny: 2 hours ago.
Doris: Steve if he finds out I’m on this Island….
Steve: Okay thats not going to happen we’re going to put you someplace safe & were gonna hunt down WoFat, call Chin & Kono have them meet us at the palace……What..What is it?
Danny: There’s something else you need to know.
ME’s Office
Kono: Chin….I’m so sorry.
Steve: *to Doris* Wait here.
Steve: Why didn’t you tell us?
Chin: Delano said he was monitoring your lines HPD’s too if I would have called you Kono & Malia would have been killed immediately.
Danny: We should have been here with you!
Chin: There’s nothing you could have done……I want Delano!!!
Steve: No my man had no choice Governor Frank Delano grabbed officer Kalakaua & threatened to kill her if he wasn’t released from prison no..yes..I understand that sir lieutenant Kelly exercised his full immunity & means believing he could contain the situation on his own.
Doris: I remember Chin Ho Kelly he was a few grades ahead of Steve in School he was a good boy.
Danny: Good boy he turned into a good cop.
Doris: Loosing his wife like that it just makes me think of Steve’s dad you know just what he must have gone through.
Danny: Yeah well the good thing for Chin is he doesn’t have any kids that are going to be asking why isn’t Mommy coming home!
Doris: You Married?
Danny: No not any more.
Doris: Kids?
Danny: I do I have a daughter named Grace best thing that came out of my marriage.
Doris: You ever think about going for round to?
Danny: I’d actually rather get kicked in the face with a golf shoe.
Doris: Hmmm!! So what you’ve taken a vow of celibacy or…?
Danny: No I didn’t say that I’m seeing somebody I’m just taking it very slowly.
Doris: Yeah well why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free right?
Danny: This is getting very personal don’t you think?
Doris: Don’t you want your daughter to see you in a healthy relationship?
Danny: Ah respectfully I don’t think your in a position to be giving me parenting advice.
Doris: You know what I think Danno I think your afraid of commitment.
Danny: That is incorrect & I prefer Danny.
Doris: Oh really because that’s not what I heard my Son call you he must think you like it.
Danny: Yeah well he thinks a lot of things that aren’t true he’s delusional actually which by the way no offence to the gene pool I’m sure he’s just a one off.
Steve: Son of Bitch he want’s a full inquiry into the Delano release.
Doris: Steven!!
Steve: I’m sorry.
Danny: Oh yeah watch your mouth Steven!
Doris: That goes for you too smart ass.
Doris: Okay so whats the game plan?
Steve: We find Delano & WoFat.
Doris: Where do we start?
Steve: You don’t start anywhere Doris your on ice until this whole thing blows over.
Doris: I survived too assassination attempts by the PLO Steve I think I can handle myself.
Steve: I understand that but I’m going to risk loosing you again, your going someplace safe & I’ve got just the person who makes sure you stay there.
Safe House
Steve: Thanks for coming.
Cath: Thanks for calling so uh your Mom faked her own death & she’s ‘Shelbourne’ well if you didn’t have Mommy issues before this..
Steve: Cute!!
Cath: I try.
Steve: Come on I’ll introduce you….Doris this is Lieutenant Rollins she’s on leave from Navel Intelligence.
Doris: He refuses to call me Mom.
Cath: Nice to meet you Ma’am.
Doris: Lieutenant Rollins I told my Son I didn’t really need anyone to look out for me.
Cath: Oh he’s just being over protective ma’am it’s a seal thing please call me Catherine.
Doris: What does my Son call you?
Steve: Former intelligence Agent needs to know everything.
Doris: Unless it’s a parent….Catherine would you like some tea> I was just going to make myself a cup.
Cath: That would be great thank you.
Doris: *to Steve* You?
Steve: I’ll pass.
Doris: Okay!
Cath: She’s something.
Steve: Yeah!
Cath: So have you told your sister yet?
Steve: No uh I don’t really think I can tell Mary this one over the phone.
Steve: Cath look I’ve gotta go make sure you keep all the doors locked swats right outside if you need anything.
Cath: Listen don’t worry I’m gonna look after her like she’s my own Mother……That came out wrong.
Steve: I didn’t think so.
Kono: Hey cuz why don’t you go for a walk I can finish this……..hey Chin.
Chin: I heard you.
Kono: You don’t have to be doing this right now.
Chin: I do!……….I’m sorry.
Kono: You have nothing to be sorry about……Adam told me what happened that you called him on the way to Malia’, Chin you tried to save us both.
Chin: Well it wasn’t enough.
Kono: It was everything you could do.
Safe House
Doris: Hey perimeters secure come join me.
Cath: I really shouldn’t ma’am.
Doris: Cut the ma’am crap Catherine neither of us is in uniform now come on please just sit down for a second you making me nervous………soooo.
Cath: So!
Doris: Do you love my Son?
Cath: Do I…
Doris: Love…
Cath: Oh uh wow..
Kamekona: Hey Catherine tell these low lows to stop with the inappropriate touching.
Cath: Right he’s clear boys.
Kamekona: Scampi special mystery solved get back to your job…McGarrett had asked me to come by with some hot grinds dig in before it becomes shrimp cocktail.
Doris: Whats for lunch?
Cath: You where supposed to lock yourself in the bedroom.
Doris: I smelled garlic I figured it was safe to come down.
Kamekona: This the Moms huh.
Doris: Aloha you must be Kamekona.
Kamekona: How did you know that?
Doris: Because your face is on that shrimp.
Kamekona: I’d have thought the woman who gave birth the the great warrior McGarrett would have had horns & breath fire!
Doris: *laughing* Well I hate to burst your bubble but before my Son became a great warrior he was just little Stevie the boy who wore Camouflage footsie PJs & called himself GI Joe.
Kamekona: Aunty tell me you have some pictures?
*Evil woman plays on Danny’s Phone*
Steve: Rachel?
Danny: Yeah I told her I was fighting the custody modification.
Steve: I guess that didn’t go over to well huh?
Danny: Think so……
Steve: You know I was thinking Vegas it’s not that bad locals call it the ninth Island they don’t call it that for nothing.
Danny: Ok you know the only thing I hate more than the Ocean is the Desert ok hot dry 120 degrees in the shade desert so I am not moving there & neither is my daughter.
Steve: Hold on a second I thought you liked Vegas!
Danny: In theory yes in theory occasional bachelor party, a poker tournament, a circus performance something like that I’m into maybe a weekend but any more than that I cannot do.
Steve: You’ve gotta keep an open mind.
Danny: What are you trying to get rid of me?
Steve: No I’m just saying Boo Boo okay.
Danny: Boo Boo!!
Steve: Boo Boo Is a term of endearment.
Danny: Oh I know what it is but if you are going to give me a sidekick name a ridiculous sidekick name I should be consulted first.
Steve: Okay so bears are out?
Danny: They are out!! Okay do you have a point were you trying to make a point?
Steve: Before you interrupted me I was gonna say that um you know man just think about what your doing when you & Rachel go to war the only person who’s gonna loose is Grace.
Chin: *to Delano* Where do you think your going?
Delano: Your not gonna kill me you said it yourself your not a dirty cop Chin only a dirty cop would shoot an unarmed man.
Chin: *bang*
Kono’s House
Kono: You saved my life.
Adam: That almost makes us even you saved mine twice.
Kono: Yeah I remember the night McGarrett brought WoFat in when was the second time?
Adam: The day we met.
Doris: I can’t leave Steve not again I can’t.
Steve: You can’t stay here so long as WoFat is free your never gonna be safe.
Doris: Well I can’t go back to Japan I mean your search for me compromised that area.
Steve: So pick another country just don’t tell me or anybody outside of your handlers there’s no way to guarantee your safety if you do, i promise as soon as this is over I’ll come & find you.
Doris: How?
Steve: The same way I did the first time…okay now come on.
Doris: I’m so sorry.
Steve: Goodbye Mom.
Doris: Just because I wasn’t around doesn’t mean I wasn’t your mother I never stopped loving you.
Steve: You okay?
Danny: Your Mother said she exchanged gunfire with WoFat right?
Steve: Yeah right before he escaped out of the window why?
Danny: Crime lab just finished processing the safe house & found evidence of only one weapon being fired in that bedroom…ballistics matched it to the gun that Catherine gave Doris right all three slugs were pulled out of the floor so either your Mother is a terrible shot or she deliberately tried not to shoot WoFat.
Steve: You saying that you think she let him get away?
Danny: No I’m asking why didn’t she kill him when she had the chance.
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Danny: Going to need a vest, vest please.
Steve: You don’t even know what my plan is.
Danny: This is true, but I know you, and any plan you have will involve me and serious bodily harm.
Steve: What are you talking about?
Danny: What I’m talking about, is that over the years our marriage has become predictable.

Steve: Catherine, I want you to help me find my mom.
Cath: I thought you told Witness Protection you wanted kept secret even from you.
Steve: Yeah, that was before I found out she had a chance to kill Wo Fat and let him get away.

Steve: Why do they always run?
Danny: Because I believe they hope the person chasing them ends up wrapped around a telephone pole.

Danny: Why did you boil his face off Max?

Danny: Did you hear about the art gallery robbery?
March: I’ve been here all morning!
Danny: That was not an accusation.
March: Sorry, habit.

March: As an aging man, my time is at a premium, so what brings you two down or did you just want to sit here posing as garage sale bookends.

Danny: You were very lucky back there my friend.
Steve: Sorry, lucky? First of all, luck had nothing to do with it, I had the situation under control.
Danny: You are something else, you must have known that our suspect was going to bleed to death while threatening to kill a hostage. Your good, you’re really go. Let me ask you another question, how much money is in my wallet, Kreskin or should I say the Amaaaazing McGarrett.

Lana I Ka Maona

Steve: That’s why our boat-jacker was in a dingy, he was fleeing a crime scene.

Danny: If that thing gets near you, you punch it in the nose. Trust
Steve: I’m not going to punch it in the nose.
Danny: You punch it in the nose or it eats your hands. I know these things.

Danny: Have you seen shark week? I don’t want to be on shark week.

Steve: It’s not a boat, it’s a dingy
Danny: I stand corrected; we are in a slowly leaking dingy!

Steve: Set the Hook!
Danny: Stop the backseat fishing!

Steve: Time out, I thought the mission today was to get you your first tuna
Danny: Why does everything have to be a mission?
Steve: . The goal was to help you catch an Ahi.
Danny: There’s no goal, there’s no mission; we’re just fishing. We have a couple of laughs, maybe we catch a fish, maybe we don’t


Steve: You know what? You are such a girl. Just turn around or something. Cover your eyes.

Catherine: Wow, thank you sugar daddy.

Kono: Okay, so let me get this straight. You believe in psychics but you don’t believe in ghosts.
Danny: That is correct.

Danny: So what, she breaks into your house and she starts cooking?
Steve: Yeah, pretty much.

Steve: What is this? What are these bags? You’re staying?
Doris: Yeah, is that okay with you?
Steve: Mom!

Doris: Stop playin’ with your gun and come have breakfast.


Danny: Ok, it looks like the Manson family through a party in here.

Danny: What’s “The Notebook”
Steve: You’re going to hate it.
Danny: It can’t be that bad
Steve: Yeah.

Danny: A guy uses a knife with this symbol on it to cut out a girl’s organs; what does that mean?
Steve: This was a ritualistic murder.

Danny: True fact, nothing good has ever happened in an alley after midnight.

Cath: I’m not sure what sadder, that you use to use this lame movie to hook up with girls, or that it use to work.
Steve: I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I Ka Wa Mamua

Steve: It’s a proximity sensor; you have to stay perfectly still.
Danny: What if I can’t stay perfectly still?
Steve: This bomb is going to detonate and you and me, both are going to die.

Danny: Borrowed Time
Steve: What’s that?
Danny: I have to remember that all of this, the last 10 years with my daughter is all borrowed time.

Danny: Because of one day, my daughter will never know what it’s like to board a plan without being groped or harassed for 45 minutes.

Danny: So the question is, did he work alone or with someone?
Steve: No, terrorist don’t work alone, they work in cells. That way if one guy goes down, his buddy comes in and finishes the job.
Danny: You just said the T word.
Steve: Does this look like the end of something to you? Because to me this is just the beginning.

Max: If your excuse me, I’m short one right arm
Chin: Right behind ya.
Max: Oh, Mahalo


Kono: I’m Five O, they don’t have the password I do.

Toast: I can’t do this!!
Danny: Ok, plan B.
Toast: This is why you have a Plan B!

Toast: I can’t do this
Steve: Toast! Live long and perspire.

Chin: Looks like our kidnap case just became a murder case.

Steve: Stand down mom, it’s work
Doris: Did you just tell me to stand down?
Steve: Affirmative.


Danny: I’m only going to say this once; you might be right about Olivia Victor.

Olivia: I was referring to your reading comprehension skills. Topped out at what, fifth grade level?
Steve: Don’t worry I have a dictionary standing by.

Danny: It’s a theory
Steve: It’s my gut.
Danny: Does your gut have any evidence we can bring to a prosecutor?

Olivia: You have some issues huh?
Steve: Maybe, but murder is not one of them.

Kono: So he was shot, burned, and hit by a car? Wow, this guy’s having a great day.

Ha ‘awe Make Loa

Danny: What are the odds I get her phone number?
Steve: Zero.
Danny: Ah.

Max: I know it’s not as elaborate as we had planned.
Sabrina: Max come here. It´s perfect.

Behati: Danny I really want to thank you for everything. And enjoy the time with your daughter. Little girls need their daddys. They grow up very fast.

Steve: You’re going to get your wish Cordova. You’re going to die, but you’re going to die in prison.

Cordova: Do it. I’m dying anyway. There’s nobody here. Nobody will ever know what went down. Call it self-defense.
Steve: There is no way I’m going to make it that easy for you.
Cordova: It’s like this or I go out the slow way. I’m tired of that option. So you pull the trigger or I will.

Chin: I reached out to an FBI contact that recommends we try vascular mapping.
Steve: What is it?
Chin: It’s when you isolate a suspect vain pattern and running it against the Federal database, just like a fingerprint.

Kono: Male suspect traveling on foot, south on Koka Street. What’s he wearing? Nothing, that’s right he’s bare ass naked.

Huaka’i Kula

Grace: I got something for you.
Danny: yeah what?
Grace: My wilderness survival patch. I want you to have it.
Danny: This is the best gift you’re every given me. Thank you. I love you so much.
Grace: I told you, you can do anything.

Grace: I talked to Lucy today. She’s happy to be home. She said one day she’s going to marry Uncle Steve when she grows up.
Danny: You’re not going to hold that against her.

Steve: How’s your arm?
Danny: It also hates camping.

Danny: You didn’t happen to see by chance which way they were headed before you go shot and blown off this cliff, did ya?

Danny: You’re going back with the girls. You’re not coming with me.
Madeline: Oh, and you’re planning on what? Finding your buddy with the power of your mind? You need me.
Danny: I’m pretty sure I don’t need you. Thanks though.
Madeline: Which ways north.
Danny: I know which way north is.
Madeline: Lie. How you start a fire without matches. How are you going to find fresh water? What if you run into a bear?

Danny: What. Bears? They got bears in there?
Madeline: The fact that you don’t know that reason enough for me to go.

Danny: I’m really, really, sorry that your camping trip got spoiled. I’m going to make it up to you, I promise.
Grace: What about Lucy?
Danny: I’m going to do my best, my absolute best to find Lucy.
Grace: I know you will. You can do anything.

Madeline: Alright ladies. Who wants to learn how to remove a bullet from a gunshot wound?

Steve: I’m going to teach these how to kill and gut a pig tonight Danny.
Danny: That’s actually a horror film.


Kamekona: You all can redeem your tickets as soon as I get my pilot license
Kono: Wait, wait wait? You bought a helicopter and you don’t have your license yet?
Kamekona: Technicality sister.

Steve: The kid’s a smartass.
Cath: Takes one to know one.

Steve: Sitting on the couch with a pizza watching Miracle on 34th Street is not a plan.
Danny: Christmas with the McGarrett’s is something you can miss.
Steve: That’s right.
Danny: I’m just curious, what do you do? Give out subscriptions to Guns and Ammo, grenades as stocking stuffers?

Steve: I like this kid.
Cath: Of course you do, he’s you at 13.

Danny: But being a law enforcement office, I do know a thing or two about tax evasion. So what say make it an even 170 and forget the whole dropping the price for cash conversion ever happened?
Fast Freddie: Deal.

Kamekona: Because the seller is a white guy and you both speak the same language.
Danny: You mean English?
Kamekona: Yeah.

Cath: I didn’t think we would be eating breakfast out of a box in a parking lot.


Danny: You hear that?
Steve: Yeah, Danny. I hear it. I’ve got ears.

Eric: Dude, why do you have so much ranch dressing?
Bullwinkle: Uh, because it’s DELICIOUS?

Eric: I’ll wait out here.
Danny: It’s college, it’s not a virus…you can’t catch it.

Eric: What am I supposed to do in there?
Danny: Why don’t you go meditate on the poor life decisions you’ve made?

Sang Min: Check these lapels, huh? Tony Montana style!

Olelo Ho’opa’i Make

Sang Min: You must have been a bad boy to end up here, lieutenant.
Chin: I didn’t do anything.
Sang Min: Yeah, that’s what we all say.

Danny: You missed the tasting, luckily.
Kono: That bad?
Danny: It was Spam wrapped in a sock.

Danny: You’re bringing back the ’80s with those Rollerblades. You got those Duran Duran cassette tapes?
Kono: You know, I’m going for a workout, keepin’ in shape…but I am hungry like the wolf.

Sang Min:The first time we met, you hit me across the face with an ashtray. Now that we’re even, you can trust me.

Chin: Who put me in here?
Sang Min: Someone who wants you to suffer before you die.

Hana I Wa’la

Danny: I had a pretty good life in New Jersey. And then, I came here. And it wasn’t exactly a fit. The sun, the sand…I mean, I can’t even get a decent slice of pizza.
Judge: Get to your point, Detective Williams.
Danny: Okay, I hate this place. I apologize, but I do. But I was willing to put up with it because this is where my daughter is. And now her mother wants to move again. And I can’t go through with that. Not to Vegas, not anywhere. Because this is my home. This is our home.

Danny: I thought nobody wore a tie in Hawaii.
Steve: No, they don’t, but it’s a special day, so I thought I’d wear one. Plus, I’m wearing my dress blues. They’ll make me walk the plank if I don’t wear a tie with my dress blues.
Danny: Why do they call ’em blues if they’re black?
Steve: I know they’re black! I never…I dunno.

Amy Davidson: You don’t get it, this is complicated.
Steve: Then speak slowly.

Danny: You delivered her to the congressman like a pizza.

Josh the Congressional Aide: And as far as murder goes-
Danny: Let me guess…he’s completely against it?

Steve: What’s the congressman’s position on dead hookers found in his bed?
Danny: STRANGLED dead hookers?


Steve: You got your belt on?
Danny: Of course I got my belt on, you’re driving.

Steve: What kind of sick bastard kills a cop in cold blood?
Danny: One with a serious grudge.

Danny: Keoki had a lot of friends, huh?
Steve: Yeah. Good men always do.

Danny: The fact is idiots, with guns, kill people.

Steve: You were worried about me?
Danny: Worried? I was worried about my car.


Doris: I suggest you try something with a little more fiber, cause you are clearly full of crap.

Danny: Hope you had a fantastic evening, the nice gentlemen with the hats and the guns are going to take you to jail.

Maggie Hoapili: No one could match my father’s abilities. No one would lay a hand on him, because no one could.

Mick: You told me to keep an eye on your mother.
Steve:: An eye, not a hand, not any other body part.

Mick: Kid, you don’t need a P.I., you need a therapist.


Cath: I don’t want to get in the way of your date with Danny.
Steve: It’s not a man date!

Kamekona: I just hate to see you two guys fight.
Danny: We’re not fighting.
Steve: This isn’t fighting.

Steve:  Dungeons & Dragons for sports geeks.

Danny: I’m gonna let that awkward moment fade. We got a bar to go to.
Steve: It’s for a case.
Danny: A bar-case.

Danny: You got a Cowboys fan dating a Redskins fan…it’s like the Capulets dating the Montagues.

Danny: Work with you is harrowing enough. I don’t need you hunting me for sport.

Na Ki’i

Steve: I had no idea you were a fan of roller derby.
Danny: No, I’m not…my mother was. She thought a catfight on wheels was good home family entertainment.

Crimson Bride: Crimson Bride is my real name.
Danny: Oh, okay. Your parents big Denzel fans?

Danny: I’m not really getting anything from Crimson Bride, Dirty Damsel, Ivana Kiss, or any of the other ladies.
Steve: Ivana Kiss?
Danny: Yeah, her parents must be very proud.

Danny: Hey, Max, why are you turning our victim into a member of the Blue Man Group?

Steve: Okay, let’s be honest. We’re not exactly the Waltons. You’re a former spy who faked her own death twenty years ago…I got issues, Mom! I got trust issues!

Hoa Pili 

Danny: Why would a tourist want to be put in a cage, and then dumped in shark-infested waters? It makes no sense.
Steve: Because they’re on vacation. They want some excitement, they want some adventure.
Danny: What they need is some therapy.

Steve: What did you think he was gonna do with a helicopter, Danny?
Danny: Park it next to his shrimp truck?

Danny: So they just go up to the shark and shoot him between the eyes? That doesn’t seem very fair.
Steve: Now you’re on the shark’s side?

Danny: We’ve been working on getting you a public defender, but no one can believe you’re this stupid.

Steve: Book him, Kono.
Danny: Oh! Where’s the love?

Olelo Pa’a 

Frank Bama: What’s the world coming to when your first love survives missiles, gunfire, rocket-propelled grenades, and gets taken out by a bunch of funky birds?

Cath: Now that we’ve got that taken care of, how do you plan on doing this? Because all I’ve got is a pack of gum, some Dramamine, and a wry smile.
Steve: I’m working on it.

Cath: Steve, I’m going with you.
Steve: Absolutely not.
Cath: Well, I’m not asking for your permission.
Steve: It doesn’t matter, you’re not going anywhere.
Cath: Hey, look, let’s forget the whole John Wayne, “it’s too dangerous for a little lady” speech, okay? You’re gonna need support, I’ve done three tours of Kabul, and I’m just as qualified as you are when it comes to taking care of myself.
Steve: Yes, you are.
Cath. Good. Then you also know I’m not very good at taking “NO” for an answer.

Steve: You remember me? About three years ago, you put some bullets into a friend of mine.

Freddie Hart: Who packed this chute for you? It’s not gonna open.
Steve: It’s only six miles down, I’ll grab your legs.

Steve: Hart was just polishing the bell because he’s so motivated, chief.

Imi loko ka ‘uhane

Savannah Walker: Commander McGarrett, is he gonna make it?
Steve: I don’t care.

Savannah Walker: Hold on–for your information, I have a journalism degree from Northwestern.
Steve: Your professors must be very proud.
Savannah Walker:  Let’s erase that.

Chin: That was Wo Fat. Wo Fat is a ruthless son of a bitch. W-can I say that on TV?
Savannah Walker: You already did.

Savannah Walker: How on earth did you get so tech-savvy?
Kono: Xbox.

Chin: Better call your insurance agent from the car.
Kono: Tell him you want full coverage.
Savannah Walker: You’re kidding, right? They’re kidding, right?

Savannah Walker: If you weren’t a cop, what would you be?
Chin: Jazz trumpet.
Savannah Walker: Really? Like Miles Davis?
Chin: Well, there’s only one Miles Davis. Maybe that’s why I became a cop.


Ho’ opio

Danny: Sinead O’Connor called, she wants her hairstyle back.

Steve: You know the good thing about hair? It grows back.
Chin: If you’re lucky.

Michael Noshimuri: He went to see Sato, didn’t he?
Kono: Who the hell is Sato?

Amanda’s Dad: The only thing worse than losing your daughter is losing her twice.

Ray Beckett: I want to see a warrant.
Danny: Shut up.


He welo ‘oihana 

Michael Noshimuri: Chin Ho Kelly. My brother stabbed your cousin, right? I guess that makes us practically related.

Steve: Listen, three retirees launching a covert op? How do you think that’s gonna go down?

Steve: What happened to you, Mom? What happened to the woman who used to make fried bologna sandwiches, and was on the PTA, and showed me how to paddle an outrigger, and used to teach me magic tricks? Where’d you go?

Danny: I sort of thought we had something nice going, but if I can’t compete with sand storms and artifacts, I guess it was time to re-evaluate anyway, right?

Steve: She give you a reason?
Danny: A reason why she stayed in Morocco? Or a reason why she stood me up at the airport?
Steve: Either.

Aloha, Malama Pono

Steve: I’m thinking these five guys are government agents, and the killer is their rendition suspect–someone resourceful enough to be able to kill five feds and then land a jet.
Chin:That’s a serious national security threat.
Steve: Yeah, and now he’s loose on the island.

Steve: I’m giving you a chance to save a little boy’s life.
Wo Fat: And what’s in it for me?
Steve: The exercise yard. 15 minutes a day, you can see the sun.
Wo Fat: I burn easily.

Steve McGarrett: Don’t give me the ‘hurt feelings’ thing, Mom, because A. I don’t buy it, and B. I don’t care.

Steve: Did you just hang up on the C.I.A.?
Danny: No, I hung up on a schmuck…a gigantic schmuck.

Danny: Good, all we gotta do is stop an anonymous maniac who butchered five people from getting off the island.

Duke: I hope you know what you’re doing, Steve.
Danny: You know what you’re doing, right?

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