S2 Quotes

Let´s start with Season2


Kono: I can run his ID, trace his cell, run surveillance.
Chin: How you gonna do that? You don’t have access to HPD’s database.
Kono: I’ll use your password.
Danny:  Whoawhoawhoa. That’s not a good idea.
Chin: You’re not carrying a badge anymore, Kono. I can’t guarantee HPD backup.
Kono: You guys are my backup.
Danny: Definitely been hanging out with McGarrett too long now.

Jenna: Where are you going? Steve needs our help.
Joe: He will be fine.
Jenna: How do you know?
Joe: Because I trained him.

Steve: Why are you yelling at me?
Danny: I’m not yelling
Max: Actually, you were expressing yourself in a very loud manner.
Danny: Hey, zip it Kermit.

Ua Lawe Male

Chin: What? Why wouldn’t she last?
Danny: Well, Let’s see what she looks like when she gets done with Sgt. Slaughter’s Boot Camp.
Steve: What’s that supposed to mean?
Danny: Let’s just try not to get the new girl blown up, kidnapped, or shot on her first day. That’s all. Can we do that, Steven?
Steve: I can’t guarantee that.

Danny: woah, woah, try not to kill everyone in the compound, one of these hippies might know where Jen is.
Steve: Fine


Danny: Operation: Strawberry Field ring a bell?
Steve: What did you say?
Danny: Operation: Strawberry Field. It’s got a picture of you and your men. Photo of you.
Steve: It’s classified.
Danny: Oh, I apologize. The chameleon unclassified it.

Danny: Tell me this, was there an operation “Abby Road”? Are you the Walrus? Time to shut up?
Joe: Roger that.

Steve: Hey Creepy, why are you dressed like Inspector Gadget?

Mea Makamae:

Steve: You’re putting the guy’s hand on like it’s a glove. Max, that’s disgusting.
Max: Yes, but very effective.

Danny: I don’t want a relationship.
Steve: Coffee is not a relationship, it’s a beverage.
Danny: Not true, every relationship has started with a cup of coffee. Then it’s dinner and a movie, okay? Next thing you know, you’re divorced, you’re moving to Hawaii so you can see your daughter every other weekend.
Steve: You need to talk to someone professionally.
Danny: I do. You. And now the session’s over.

Lori: Is this about the hot doctor from the museum? Ask her out.
Danny: He talked to you about this. What are we in high school?

Max: Ohhhhhh…
Joe: You need a paper bag or something?
Max: Sorry, this place is like my Graceland.

Danny: I don’t want a relationship.
Steve: Coffee is not a relationship, it’s a beverage.
Danny: Not true, every relationship has started with a cup of coffee. Then it’s dinner and a movie, okay? Next thing you know, you’re divorced, you’re moving to Hawaii so you can see your daughter every other weekend.
Steve: You need to talk to someone professionally.
Danny: I do. You. And now the session’s over.



Steve: Hey Fryer! Nobody messes with my team.
Fryer:  Duly noted Commander.

Chin: You’re not alone, not today, not tomorrow, not any of the days ahead. You’re not alone because I am right here.

Ka Hakaka Maika’i:

Kono: And a word to the wise, Boriero is trained, I would not engage him hand to hand.
Danny: That’s not going to happen, I like my gun.

Steve: Mouth guard.
Danny: You need a helmet not a mouth guard.

Ka Iwi Kapu:

Danny: So unless he reanimated as a zombie, he is completely dead.
Max: Give that his head was not intact, reanimating as a zombie is completely impossible.


Max: I would like the shrimp flavor tofu special please.
Kamekona: Only thing special about that order is that nobody but you orders it.

Danny: What we need to know from you is who poaches animals, specifically the endangered type.
Kamekona: Why you asking me? I sell shrimp not baby seals.

Ike Maka

Danny: You should call that lawyer of yours, that really brilliant lawyer and get your sentence knocked down 50-60 years. Enjoy federal prison; it’s really nice this time of year.

Danny: The waves keep crashing over and over
Steve: Some would call it soothing Danny
Danny: Some would call it Hawaiian Water Torture.


Chin: Something has to be done now.
Kono: So what are we going to do?
Joe: We’re going bring Steve home.

Danny: Do me a favor and watch yourself
Steve: I’ll think about you the whole time.


Steve: Book’em Danno
Danny: Back with that again?

Alaheo Pau’ole

Tong: Those are dummy grenades
Danny: Ok, hang on to this. If it’s a dummy you will be fine, we’ll be outside.
Tong: Wait! Fine, it’s live
Chin: You’ve been hanging around Steve too long.

Ka Ho’oponopono

Steve: We’ve got to find Donovan
Danny: Donovan’s not to going to talk.
Steve: Depends on how we ask the question.

Luke: Listen man.
Steve: Sir, you call me SIR!


John McGarrett: My first responsibility is not my safety, it’s yours. You may not like it, but I hope someday you understand it.

Kono: Good job hiding the wire boss, where did you place it?
Steve: Let’s put it this way, once we’re done, he can keep it.

Sang Ming: I taught him everything I know
Lori: Oh yeah, where’s that? Vidal Sasoon School for bad guys?

Mai Ka Wa Kahiko

Lori: Your shoe’s untied.
Steve: That’s your plan? “My shoes untied”.

Danny: Oh no gimpy, I got this one..
Lori: Thanks; see chivalry isn’t dead
Steve: I carried you down a mountain?!

Steve: Danny!
Danny: I shot him once in the shoulder, the other two are in the grass, he will be fine.

I Helu Pu

Steve: Since when do you speak Russian?
Danny: I worked a Russian Mob case, all I learned to say was “back off we’re cops” and “this vodka taste like urine.”

Governor: When this is all over Weston, you’re going to have to make a choice; the state of Hawaii or Five-0.


Steve: Book’em Danno
Danny: Book me a towel.

Officer Lukela: What’s he doing?
Danny: Undoubtedly something insane.

Chin: Danny, you know if you ever need any advice on relationships, my door is always open.
Danny: Oh, well you go ahead and keep that door closed, but thank you.

Steve: Time travel doesn’t exist.
Max: On the contrary, there are several theories….
Danny: With all due respect. For argument sake, let’s say this man didn’t own a Delorean and is from the 21st century.

Danny: You ruined my frittata.
Steve: I put it out of its misery.


Grace: He’s the funniest boy in school
Danny: I’m sure he’s a regular Chris Rock.
Grace: Who?

Tony: Book’em Muscles
Steve: I like this guy.

Max: The body is still here, he’s OK.
Danny: You mean other than the fact that he’s dead?

Steve: So this stalker is what? 10??
Danny: Ted Bundy was 10 once.
Steve: Yes he was….. Yes he was

Tony: Give me a phone.
Danny: Why?
Tony: I want to schedule a pedicure. Because I know a guy… give me the phone.

Tony: Didn’t I just say that McGruff?
Steve: McGarrett. Two T’s, Two R’s


Danny: Listen, last time I saw you, I broke a couple of bones in your face. You ever mention my daughter again, I’ll come back here and break every single bone in your body.

Chin: Why wouldn’t they snatch Mary at the airport?
Danny: Because they were more worried about the diamond smugglers than they were about us.
Fryer: Let’s make them worry about us.

Steve: That anonymous call about Mary and the diamonds doesn’t add up.
Danny: There are a lot of things about this case that don’t add up. I’m sorry that I didn’t believe Mary’s story, but could you please quit driving this car like it’s stolen?

Kono: The airline gave us her cell phone number, but it goes straight to voice mail.
Steve: That makes sense right? If she’s been kidnapped.
Danny: You trying to convince us or yourself?
Steve: Maybe a little of both.

Danny: You can’t own a wave, and while we are on the subject; Spam is not part of any food group that I care to recognize and last but not least, an appetizer should never ever, under any circumstances be referred to as “poo poo.”


Chin: Hey, where’s McGarrett?
Danny: He left a “Dear Danny” note on my desk this morning, he’s off looking for Shelburn again.

Pa Make Loa

Callen: I can see the attraction of living here.
Danny: Yeah, it kinda grows on ya.
Chin: That’s the nicest thing Danny’s ever said about this place.
Danny: I didn’t mean it.

Sam: Why do you dress like that? You’re in Hawaii.
Danny: It’s my style.
Sam: It’s not a style, it’s a bad habit.

Danny: What about you, I hear you have a personal beef.
Callen: Comescu tried to kill my whole family.
Danny: Come again?
Callen: Blood feud.
Danny: Ah, well that happens.

Danny: We got a print; the guy is in the system. His name is Dracul Comescu
Chin: Who the hell is that?
Danny: He’s not a vampire; I thought the very same thing.


Ua Hopa

Danny: I knew it… Cargo pants.
Steve: Book em’ Danno.
Danny: You could have just said hello.

Steve: Why are you angry?
Danny: I’m not angry.
Steve: You sound angry.
Danny: I’m not angry, I was worried and now I’m concerned.

Danny: We will be fine, just take of your own six.
Steve: Six? Ok I’ve been gone way to long, your starting to sound like me.
Danny: I know, I know, and it made me want to throw up a little.

Ua Hala

Joe: Who you calling?
Steve: Danny. If I leave him another note that I’m going to Japan he will never speak to me again.
Joe: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Danny: Alright with the Navy SEAL death stare, what are you going to water board me till I tell you about my private phone call?
Steve: No, I’m just trying to get you to tell me because we’re friends and I’m worried.


I know there are many many more quotes… Just let me know 😉




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