Vote for your June FAVES

It’s time to vote again!!! You know how it works, right?? 😉


Bromance Tuesday




Team Thursday

FOY Friday

SEALs Saturday

Sunday Smile


SEALs Saturday

The second SEALs Saturday. Yay!!! And guess where we are 😉 Yes, right, we’re in Season 1


Team Thursday

Let’s get back to the start. Back to where it all began. Yes, I do love Season 1. And yes, I do miss Kono. And hell yes, I love the Dress Blues 🙂 >>> SandT ( I’ve done my homework *lol* )


You don’t know the meaning of SandT??? Check it out 😉 AOL.ww Dictionary

Just because…

… I LOVE those pics. 🙂





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Sunday Smile #TeamUniform

I know you’ve been waiting for this the whole week.

And I’m still in S1. In Episode 1. 🙂

For some reasons.


I’m sure that two of my ladies like that one 😉