Wednesday Special #H50

Happy Birthday @Kimphin1

This is a special birthday shout out to one of the gorgeous Ladies out there!!!

Have a great day Sweetheart!!

Enjoy the day and party on 🙂





Lots of Love, Hugs, Kisses, Cake, Cookies, Champagne and everything you like 🙂



Calendar July

Another month, another try 🙂

july1.1 july2.1 july5.2 july7.2 julycollage1.1 julyMcDanno1 july6.1


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Calendar JUNE

I’m not that creative… I’m sure you know *lol* But you might know, that I like to try something new. So here we go: a calendar!!

june1.1 june2.1 june3.1 june4.1

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Sunday Smile

Wohooo!!! It’s sunday again. The temperature’s rising, so it’s time to take your shirts off 😉 Well, let McG start 😀

I hope you all gonna have a great day!!!


Just because…

… I LOVE those pics. 🙂





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