Your June Faves

WOW!!! A looooong time ago I started the voting, and now it’s time for the results!


Bromance Tuesday

31% wanna talk to Dr Love 😉

Dr Love ;)

Dr Love 😉


Team Thursday

WOW!! 61% (!!!!) love that Ohana Moment!!!

Ohana Moment #2

Ohana Moment #2


FOY Friday

Okay, this is crazy!!

We’re talking about FOY Friday and 42% are #TeamSmilingSteve !!!




SEALs Saturday

I know, you love Crazy Steve!!! 41%




Sunday Smile

Sunday is a day to RELAX!!! 32% of you wanna relax with Mr O’Loughlin…

Happy Sunday!!





Mahalo Nui Loa for taking the time to vote!!!!

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