Your June Faves


WOW!!! A looooong time ago I started the voting, and now it’s time for the results!


Bromance Tuesday

31% wanna talk to Dr Love 😉

Dr Love ;)

Dr Love 😉


Team Thursday

WOW!! 61% (!!!!) love that Ohana Moment!!!

Ohana Moment #2

Ohana Moment #2


FOY Friday

Okay, this is crazy!!

We’re talking about FOY Friday and 42% are #TeamSmilingSteve !!!




SEALs Saturday

I know, you love Crazy Steve!!! 41%




Sunday Smile

Sunday is a day to RELAX!!! 32% of you wanna relax with Mr O’Loughlin…

Happy Sunday!!





Mahalo Nui Loa for taking the time to vote!!!!

I’m really SORRY!!!!!

Alright, I didn’t want this to happen… I thought I could fix it somehow. But it seems like that I’m not able to make all the July posts. RL is superbusy. You all know that I wanted to make that Your Fave 2014 post. It won’t happen, because there won’t be a FAVE JULY post. I’m sad. I don’t have enough time to look for pics, edit them and make all the posts 😦



A whole week…

I’m really sorry that there wasn’t a post. RL is superbusy. Someone who missed me???

I try to give you all the post you normally get…


Let’s start with the Bromance Tuesday….




…now the Team Thursday…



…FOY Friday…



…SEALs Saturday

Welcome to the Jungle (or woods, or forest or whatever…)



And finally, the Sunday Smile!!!



One more time… I’m really sorry that there wasn’t a post this week…

Don’t forget to vote for your June Faves!!!