Your May Faves


Mahalo for taking the time to vote!!! It’s time to present the results.


Bromance Tuesday

I’m not sure if anyone recognized Danny in this picture… 38% of you love Steve in a suit…

Steve, Suit, Sexy

Steve, Suit, Sexy



Team Thursday

42% of you love the Ohana Moments…

Ohana Moment

Ohana Moment



FOY Friday

WOW, that’s really close!!! 23% of think McG should wear more Blue Jeans… I thought you love the tan pants…

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans



SEALs Saturday

Another really close result. 29% wanna join our fave SEAL doing his Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities



Sunday Smile

Hard choice!! 29% of you wanna have a beer with Steve. Cheers!!!





I hope you’re looking forward to the end of the month…






8 thoughts on “Your May Faves

  1. Huh, only two of my choices made it this time. And FOYFriday is a total surprise. You need a LOT of imagination to even put it into the category FOY. 😉 That one is a total bummer. But, oh well.

    And of course I’m already waiting for the end of June. 🙂


    • None of my choices made it… 😦
      And I don’t get why the Blue Jeans made it… I totally agree with you!! I can’t find the right pics… Four Seasons, and not enough pics for me LOL

      Why you’re waiting for the end of June?? It’s only the 4th!!!


    • First of all getting one month closer to a three week vacation, one month closer to the end of hiatus, AND another poll. Do you need more reasons? 🙂


    • My next holidays start by the end of July… So, I totally understand this reason 🙂 And a big YES to be closer to Season 5!!! The next poll means, 4 Team Thursdays, FOY Fridays, SEALS Saturdays, Sunday Smiles and 3 Bromance Tuesdays to find… Lots of work to come. And July Calendar… Sounds like a lot of work…


    • I was waiting for you 🙂 I would never shut down a voting until you get the chance to vote.
      I thought the McGrover pic would make it…


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