SEALs Saturday

C’mon, you didn’t thought there wouldn’t be a post today, right?!?! 😉

I’m just a little late.

I stop talking, here’s the pic. Let’s call it: Different ways of transportation.




10 thoughts on “SEALs Saturday

  1. It’s amazing, how can you come up with all that good stuff, aol absolutely inspires you, and i’m happy about that 😉 !! Keeps this post coming!


    • This sounds soo easy… But it isn’t. I need to find pics… Sometimes I wanna create a little story… Or a theme. Like this post. There was a moment this week, I thought “Transportation” I thought about helis,cars,boats… It’s not a 2 minutes thing… And sometimes I run out of ideas 😦 That’s the reason why I need all the great ladies that hangin around here 🙂 It’s not only AOL (or better to say Steve McGarrett) who inspires me. It’s everyone here!!! xoxo


  2. ROFL, what’s with all the blue? 😉
    I love Steve’s truck, I’m always really happy to see it on the show.
    Of course, Steve flying is hard to beat. I guess it doesn’t really matter what kind of transportation as long as he takes me with him. 🙂


    • Aloha!!!
      First of all, welcome to my crazy world 🙂
      The background?? Made by me 😉 Used some pics of my own, some pics edited by me…


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