Bromance Tuesday

We’re back in Season 2. No special reasons 😉




Check out White Hot Wednesday on AOLww !!!


18 thoughts on “Bromance Tuesday

  1. Would love to see Steve all dressed up again. Maybe next season’s Christmas ep when Cath comes back?
    This was a great ep, would have been better if Alex wouldn’t have been so sick in S2. It’s hard for me to watch.


    • I love your idea for the xmas episode 😉
      And I’ve got a little problems with S2, too. That’s why I don’t post so many S2 pics 😦
      Oh, Sam??? Did you miss the Sunday Smile????? 😉


    • I had my worries with s2 too, and so i tried not to focuse on his skinny face but more on the strut and the hands and his movements! That kept me going through without hurting too much!!!


  2. I loved him undo his fly with one hand! And yes ESS, alex in a tux strutting is worth it all day long, how about a gif?!? 😉


  3. You gif that slip too, for white wednesday – “justsaying”or someone can create a freaky finger friday post!!!
    Hey sizz thanks for giving food to our imagination!!


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