Team Thursday

Welcome May!!!

It’s the first post in May and we start with a scene we (might) never see again 😦 I’m still unhappy about MB leaving the show. But let’s enjoy the fun moments!! Moments called Ohana!!!!!




4 thoughts on “Team Thursday

  1. The H50 Ohana won’t be the same never again without her…….Steve won’t never be the same without her :'(… the very few episodes, writters left Catherine be part of the team, she proved she could work and complete the team without taking space to Kono nor Danno, she was the perfect and supportive girlfriend of a navy seal, a man that without her is just a killing machine……you can’t imagine how deeply sad am I that I haven’t watch episode 4.20 yet and I feel like a child who doesn’t want the summer ends and go back to a boarding school away from home…anyway, tomorrow is friday, the anxiety ends but the mourning begins. TY S!zZ for giving us a beautiful Ohana moment to remember 😥 (Eu Santamaria)


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