Calendar June


It’s summertime!!!


June’s coming!!

If you need a calendar, take a look at Alex O’Loughlin Journal 


McPerv World

And don’t forget to check out Alex O’Loughlin World Wide for some more great calendars!!!!

Of course, I “created” *cough* some calendars, too 😉 CLICK!

Vote for your May Faves!!!!

You know how it works, right??? The month is over, and the voting starts. If there’s anyone “new” , you can vote as often as you like and you can choose as multiple pics in each category. Have fun!!!!



Bromance Tuesday




Team Thursday



FOY Friday


SEALs Saturday


Sunday Smile


Don’t forget, by the end of this Year, there will be a FAVE OF THE YEAR voting 😉


SEALs Saturday

Damn, what a busy week!!! No, I didn’t forget the SEALs Saturday post.

You see, here it is 🙂


Desert Storm Steve or, like I use to say S&T !!!! *plop*



FOY Friday

It’s FOY Friday. No further words.



Team Thursday

This is not a typical Team post. It’s more an Ohana Feeling. I’m not sure if you gonna like it or not. I wanted to do it. For reasons. And one of the reasons is, that I hadn’t found a Team pic that I really want. So, like it or not. 😉