Team Thursday

THIS is how teamwork should look like. We can’t change the writing of the show. It’s more: Take it, or leave it. I’ll continue watching H50 as long as Alex is Steve McGarrett. If people stop watching, fine, it’s their right. Because it’s their life. Too much discussions in too many places. I thank YOU for keeping my blog a nice place. A happy place. Make Love, Make No War!! ❤ xoxo




7 thoughts on “Team Thursday

    • ESS, I don’t think you need help. Because WE got your 6 😉 And you’re one of the nicest peple I met since I’m into this whole H50 thing. ❤

      Oh, and Sam, Steve will be fine. He survived Hell Week, so he's gonna survive us 😉


  1. I always think it’s cool how only kono matches steve’s height!!
    And he stands there with his legs apart (whatever we take from that 😉 ) so he is not showing is full size!!
    Nice pic – it’s fine with me, i try to relax and see what comes next, i like to be enlightened in a suprised way! I’ve watched a few tv shows and they have always messed the realtionsships btw lovers! It must be hard having people happy in th shows 😉
    Thanks for the pic. Love it!


    • Mahalo for your nice comment.
      Oh, I changed the angle of that pic. The original one looks a little bit different 😉


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