Bromance Tuesday ***Warning***

I just thought it was about time for some Dress Blues Steve 😉 Uhm, I mean, it’s time for some McDanno. #ImALiar 🙂



Don’t tell me there was no warning…


7 thoughts on “Bromance Tuesday ***Warning***

  1. The sight of him in that uniform, especially when he wrinkles his brow like that, coupled with DAT face, I just melt into a huge puddle of goo. Sigh… Love him….


  2. I love this scene, because steve was uncomfortable with danny doing the tie thing 😉 love uncomfortable steve!! Love the dree blue!


    • That tie thing was silly. Like Steve would ever leave the house with his uniform not perfect. But it served a purpose for a certain part of the fandom.


    • Watching this scene I was like: wait, it’s Steve. He’s a SEAL. He wouldn’t leave the house like this. And the tie didn’t look better after Danny fixed it…


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