SEALs Saturday

It’s the 15th post of SEALs Saturday. We had guns and other weapons. Fights. Camouflage. Uniform. McGs Bootcamp. Technology. And the only blue shirts that I truly love. I thought, it’s about time to show you how a date with our fave SEAL could look like…




Did you really expect flowers? A candle light dinner? Come on Ladies!!! 😉


15 thoughts on “SEALs Saturday

  1. Love the stopping the robber talking with the finger, and then the robber got the eyebrow!! You knew it wasn’t gonna be his day!!


  2. I can only think of a SEAL having a enjoyful meal!
    And yeah, loved him too in that scene, cath too, it seemed so natural! Thanks!


  3. I enjoyed every detail of that scene…..the way Steve was eating and smiling to Cath and put the sausage inside his mouth, the sweetness of Cath looking at him and the BAMF attitude with the robber……and you know? at the end of the episode when he came to picked her up….I guess they had a great candle light dinner and bedtime even better, jejejeje 😀


    • Yeah, it was a bit cheesy..but I guess after building everything up for 3 seasons they wanted to show he *could* do something really amazing.

      It was cheesy though I didn’t hate it. Show tends to hit you over the head when they want to do something like that. They don’t *get* subtlety. lol


    • Why hadn’t they put him in a blue shirt and some pants??? They always put him in blue shirts… *angry fangirl*
      This suit was too much 🙂


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