Your March Faves

Mahalo Nui Loa!!!

For taking the time to vote, for Retweets and Faves

Please, don’t do this to me by the end of the month, when it’s time to vote the April Faves. I’m pretty sure, that I’ll loose my mind. Sooo damn close results… Or better to say:pics with the same number of votings…

Here are the results.

Bromance Tuesday

I guess 29% of you would like to see more of Steve and Freddie

Brothers In Arms

Brothers In Arms


Team Thursday

Also 30% of you choose Ohana. No further words needed here. I think…




FOY Friday

Seems like 30% are still in Love with Season One. BAMF Steve!!




SEALs Saturday

WARNING!!!! Uniform Alert!!! 29% of you can’t resist that man in Uniform… *thud*

LCDR Steve McGarrett

LCDR Steve McGarrett



Sunday Smile

I really thought, the Fighter or the Hidden Smile would make it. But you surprised me. NOT. 😉

26% of you went down to the floor by looking at this smile 🙂




Now, you can take a look at this months posts, and wait what I’ve got in stock to surprise you.

Mark your calendars! 29th or 30th April… There will be the next vote…

What? You don’t have a calendar??? Grab one by clicking that link 😉 


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