Vote for your APRIL Faves!!!

Okay Ladies, April is almost over so it’s your turn to vote YOUR favourite pic in each category. I thought about changing the settings for the voting because of a conversation about voting multiple times. Let me explain why I won’t change the settings. If you wanna vote for more than one pic, do it! If you wanna vote more than one time, do it. If you only wanna vote one time for one pic, hey, it’s fine. Do it 🙂 But when the voting is closed, I NEED a Number 1 in each category!!! Because by the end of the year, when it’s time to vote your fave 2014 pics, I wanna have 12 pics of each category.

Don’t be mad at me! xoxo

Let’s check out what April gave us 😉


Bromance Tuesday

Team Thursday

FOY Friday

SEALs Saturday

Sunday Smile

Bromance Tuesday

It’s the last weekly post this month. So, hurry up and check out all the April posts to be prepared for the voting! (or lean back and wait for the post with all the pics)

But right now, we have a McDanno Moment. No, wait, let’s call it Steve & Danno Moment. Why? Because I have reasons. My own reasons. No further comment on this.

Here’s the pic.



Sunday Smile

It’s the last Sunday Smile post in April. You know what’s coming next?!?!

Oh, if you’re questioning yourself “where’s the smile?” take a look in the mirror!!! I bet Uncle Steve will make YOU smile 🙂



SEALs Saturday

Should there be a warning??? Okay, here’s the warning. I try to focus on typing and editing and not to focus on the “object” It’s not that easy. Because this happens: *sigh* & *thud*


FOY Friday

This is for the #TeamTanCargos ladies 😉

Or those who like Lucy.

Or those who like McG wearing plaid.

Or those who like Steve in green.

I guess there’s something for everyone in this pic. 🙂