FOY Friday

Some of us already have weekend, some of us are looking forward to weekend. But I guess everyone is excited about Friday because of one reason… 😉




6 thoughts on “FOY Friday

  1. I like this post, and I like the tan cargos, and I like the “related pics” that come with this page, it’s like the FOY in 3-D !!! “FOY is in the air, everywhere I look around” comes into my ears 😉
    Thanks for THIS!


    • Hahahahaha!! You just like the tan cargos??? I love them!! Not because they are tan, or for FOY reasons. Because I love cargos!
      And I love your comments!!


  2. I love the cargos too, i wear them myself, but not in the winter!
    But seriously, have you ever seen a man wearing cargos like mcg, i have once (in the streets where i live) but he not even was close, i mean he was nice but alex just has the coolest tan cargo butt!


    • Ok, first of all, no one looks sooo hot in cargos like Alex ❤ That's a fact!! 😉
      I wear cargos most of the time. Not at work, because I'm not allowed to wear them 😦


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