Bromance Tuesday ***BAMF Edition***

Welcome back to Season One. Where it all began. It’s one of my fave moments. If you have a fave moment, feel free to tell me, because I’m running out of ideas sometimes 😉



6 thoughts on “Bromance Tuesday ***BAMF Edition***

  1. Season 1 is always filled with love, because it was all new and excited 😉
    I love Chin/McG and I love season 1 kevlar 😉 look at the handle, it could come in handy, don’t you think!?!

    As for one of my fav moments; 1.20 in the end, when Steve/Danny overlook the homebrining of the fugitive criminal at the airport, I can still hear that REM song! I love that scene, and then they turned the sad situation and made a good end with discussing the drinks/paying!


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