Your February Faves

Mahalo nui loa for taking the time to vote!!!

Here are your results:

Bromance Tuesday

Ergo??  33% of you wanna have a discussion with Steve and Danny on a roof.



Team Thursday

42% of you are pretty sure that No one mess with this Team!!!

No One mess with this Team!

No One mess with this Team!

FOY Friday

On The Valentine’s Day present wish list of 36% of you…

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

SEALs Saturday

Wow. Those results are really close… But 31% of you are welcome to McGs Bootcamp 🙂

McG's Bootcamp

McG’s Bootcamp

Sunday Smile

33% of you don’t like smiling Steve or Football, because your choice is the Hidden Smile 😉

Hidden Smile

Hidden Smile

Thank you for voting and all the faves or retweets!!!

Be prepared for the end of the months when the voting stuff returns. It’s time to vote your March Faves 😉


4 thoughts on “Your February Faves

  1. I lost in every part of the vote, can you believe this!
    What is with the team green-shirt and tan-cargos? I think everybody had too much of the wife-beater discussions 😉 it distorted the vote 😉
    I’m sure everyone voted for the tan cargos in the team vote! I didn’t because you’ve cut Lori out, I kinda liked her “hide hide”!


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