Bromance Tuesday

I guess it’s time for another “Bromance”



I’m not sure if you like it or not…


12 thoughts on “Bromance Tuesday

  1. I do!! (sorry, late as usual)
    Steve and Freddie had a great bromance. They were true brothers in arms. I wish Freddie hadn’t died so we could possibly see more of him. On a side note, the actor who played him (Alan Ritchson) has an awesome twitter acct!


  2. I love that moment, and I love the bromance btw these two, light-hearted, life wasn’t as difficult as it is now! Dad was still alive, mom hidden, McRoll young and feverishly!


    • Yes, are the frames and cracks on the pic made with PS brushes? Did you make the frames with the crack effect? What do you use for editing?


    • I just turned it into black and white and put a filter called antique on it. The software I use is called PhotoScape. I wish I could do more stuff. But I don’t wanna buy expensive stuff. And I don’t wanna work with complicated stuff 🙂


    • Ok, so it´s pretty much a ready made frame 🙂 It looks nice, so well chosen 🙂 . Much better than the imikimi ones.


    • I use to spend hours on one pic… Choose the right pic, tryin different things.
      I always try to do something new. And mostly I try it with the calendar posts *lol*


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