Bromance Tuesday

Anyone out there who really, I mean REALLY wanna watch a movie with Steve McGarrett?? Remember Cath and him on Halloween… Danny, Gabby, Cath and him in the cinema… But it isn’t Movie Tuesday, it’s Bromance Tuesday.



3 thoughts on “Bromance Tuesday

  1. I’ve never heard of the movie “Enemy mine”(?) so I tried to catch up on wikipedia, and I’m on McG side, his “it’s disgusting” I share! But the McG faces that go with this specific scene are hilarious, I wouldn’t have missed these!
    This was a great bromance moment! I like how Danno is so Danno-ish 😉


    • I never heard of that movie,too. But I didn’t checked it out. You’re kinda McNerd 😉 I love that! xoxo
      Danno is Danno, and that’s the reason we love him 🙂


  2. Well I’m old enough that I watched that movie when it came out in theaters. lol. I actually liked it but I’m sure it hasn’t “aged” well. I’d probably agree with McG now.

    Heh. Good point about McG and Cath watching a movie. Steve makes fun of Danny here but Cath makes fun of Steve for Chuckie. hehe. (and he let’s her) *wink*wink*


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