SEALs Saturday

I didn’t know which episode I should take for this weeks Saturday post. But reading through my Twitter TL, this ep shows up… I’m excited about your comments 🙂



8 thoughts on “SEALs Saturday

  1. Always, ALWAYS a favorite episode! For the most obvious reason, it was Alex’s return in top form, but also it was a very well written episode. This fight between him and WF is probably the first time I ever cheered out loud at the show. When McG got the upper hand on McG FINALLY and beat his ass down, it was a win for all H50. It was just the right timing that McG finally FINALLY got his man. (only to lose him again) It also proved what a standup, honorable man McG is because he could have easily killed WF and no one would have ever been the wiser. We know that’s not our SEAL though.


  2. I absolutely loved this episode. One of my favorites. First of all it was SO good to see Alex back being healthy and happy. I was so happy that he had beat his problems and came out of it stronger and better.
    And of course this episode was great. Very well written on all fronts. Well acted, with great stunts and lots of action.
    Steve had the chance to off Wo Fat in this, no one would have known what have really happened, but I don’t think Steve would be capable of killing someone in cold blood like Chin did. I’m pretty sure he would always do the honorable thing.
    And I loved the ending. Steve looking into Wo Fat’s cell is one of THE best shots ever.
    This was a wonderful choice for this post. LOVE it.


  3. I, actually, have not much to add here, because everything I think, has been said allready 🙂 !
    Glad to have Alex back, fit and healthy, was the only thing I thought during this ep (I came in late in season2 and didn’t get all the ups and downs first)!
    These ep had so many great moments, one of my favourite is the moment when after Steve and WOF land on Hawaii and Steve realises the Jakuzza wants to kill WOF, he raises his gun and protects WOF, I think this looked very SEAL like (to honor the day 😆 )
    Thanks S!zz, great choice!


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