Team Thursday

Back to Season 3. A sad moment. A really sad moment 😦 No, I didn’t cry. Or maybe a little… I’m so happy about Kono’s being alive and back!!!





6 thoughts on “Team Thursday

  1. I know, i’ve said it before, but i just love his Marcus stylish short hair and the jacket! He looks so baddie!
    And no, i didn’t cry, and i’m happy kono’s back!
    I cried only once, that was when steve ate the salty stupid grenade cake!


    • I’m happy that his hair is longer now. I don’t like the sort hair that much… And I’m happy that Kono’s back now.

      You cried when Steve ate the salty cake?????


  2. Yes, the salty cake, because I’m a late H50 watcher and I’ve watched this ep with knowing that he was very sick and will be gone for a few ep, so this really got to me, when all the team came together in the end 😦 (well, at this time I allready knew that he was healthy again, so it was kinda stupid, but hey, it’s TV)


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