Sunday Smile

This week’s over… My holiday’s over… But still no need to be sad, because todays Sunday Smile pic includes three things we don’t see that often in H50. First, Steve McGarrett has money. YES! Even Danny couldn’t believe this *lol* Second, McG wearing a suit. Not a UNIFORM. Third, he’s smiling. So Ladies, lean back and enjoy your Sunday!!!



12 thoughts on “Sunday Smile

  1. I’m sure he smiles a lot in private. Guess he doesn’t like to share this softer side with the world. Makes it even more special when he does.
    But you know my stand on smiley Steve. LOL But this one is a nice one, and it was a great scene. Thank you.


    • I like that he don’t smile that often. Ok, it’s difficult to find pics for the Sunday Smile theme. But if he would smile all the time, it wouldn’t fit to his character.
      And yes I know your stand on smiley Steve 🙂 But there are 5 posts a week 😉 So focus on the other 4 themes 🙂
      Mahalo for your comment xoxo


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