Team Thursday

The first Team Thursday in February. It’s more an Ohana Thursday. I could have chosen a pic from the last Episode, but no, I’m in Season 3 🙂



6 thoughts on “Team Thursday

  1. I forgot to say, mcg in jeans, we grasp these moments, because they never last long!
    I sometimes wonder why mcg wears those cargos for work when he loves to hang out with jeans in his spare time 😉 ? Was it his military history? Is it for his stuff, like knife, badge, phone, grenades (oh no, he has them in dannys trunk 😉 )
    Maybe it’s just for us!!


    • Cargo pants are reeeeeaaaalllyyyy useful 🙂 I know that, because I wear them in my spare time 🙂 Phone, flashlight, water bottle, stuff for my dog, keys and so on 🙂


  2. I mean, he has got the means and immunity, he surely can wear whatever he likes!
    Maybe it works with s3 and 4 because the badge is on his belt (yep, yeahhhh, yiiiip, yeees!)
    Can i say here, that i prefer the shirts and polos to his button downs he wears recently 😆


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