VOTE For Your Fave January SEALs Saturday

To be honest, it’s my fave post. You know me, so you know why it’s my fave post 🙂

Vote multiple times, so often if you like, but you know, just ONE week!!!!










8 thoughts on “VOTE For Your Fave January SEALs Saturday

  1. 320 has been the most interesting H50 episode, of all the seasons. I think. And I can see why also Alex named it as his favorite from s 3. Not even the awful rug could ruin it. The flash backs were great, action was god, but most of all Alex got to show such a wide range of his skills.


    • That rug… Boo!
      It was such a great episode! I really hope there will be more flashbacks.
      Am I the only one who wanna see Steve dressed in camo ??? 😉


    • Pretty sure there are many of us wanting for more camo and also flashbacks. It will give Alex a bit more acting challenges, I think.


  2. I’m agree with Paula 320 was the best of season 3 and one of my favorite episodes from all ……but the pilot! OMG!!!. Steve’s face were he was inside the conboy, it was for me “love at first sight” again with an Alex’s character…..I can’t express how I felt when I finally saw him again <3!!!


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