SEALs Saturday

The first in February and it’s the 5th SEALs Saturday. Sounds like a reason to party. Not. Because my hair turns grey while looking for the right pics. Yes, I’m addicted to that SEALs theme. But it’s not that easy… Whatever, found the right pics. And here we go.



Where are my SEALs experts??? 😉


7 thoughts on “SEALs Saturday

  1. I love this, and I think it shows wonderfully how under the H50 cop there still beats the heart of a SEAL! I loved Steve’s smile when he sees JoeWhite in prison, he smile was so much respectful!


    • Once a SEAL, always a SEAL HOOYAH!!!
      I never saw McGarrett like a cop.. He never was, and will never be.
      I don’t like the Steve/Joe story any longer… Same with Doris…


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